Moveat launches food walks with app in Norway


(Oslo 6 / 4-2022) In 2018, the Swedish company Moveat launched local food walks with tasting stops at various restaurants, based on a self-developed app. Since the start, they have carried out more than 150 events, in which over 50,000 people participated. Moveat is now being launched in Norway in collaboration with Stromma Group, and the first event will take place in Oslo on 30 April.

The concept is based on the Moveat app, where participants buy a ticket that allows them to experience up to eight different restaurants in one day. With support in the app, guests can plan their own route and see what the different places serve. Up to 400 people participate in the events.

Now Moveat is coming to Norway, where the first food walk will take place on Saturday 30 April. The investment takes place in collaboration with Stromma Group, which is Scandinavia's largest experience company.

- Moveat has become a huge success in Sweden, where tickets to new events are usually sold out in a few days. We are convinced that the concept will also work in Norway where there is great interest in food and drink, says Simon Håkansson, who is CEO. and Moveat. With Stromma Group, we have found a perfect partner for the events in Norway.

During the year, Moveat will carry out food walks throughout Norway. Already this spring, events are planned in Hamar, Trondheim and Bergen.

- We are very proud to launch Moveat in Norway since it is an experience that is not on the market here, says Ole Madland, CEO of Stromma in Norway. The plan is that already in 2022 we will be found all over the country, with offers that allow visitors to experience new flavors in their own city. We are convinced that Moveat will be at least as great a success in Norway as in Sweden.

Moveat's offer today consists of three types of food walks, where Moveat Original is a folk festival on a fixed day with several hundred participants. Through Moveat Anytime, you can choose to walk between hand-picked restaurants, at any time. The third concept Moveat Limited is exclusive events that are only held once with themes such as rooftop bars, wine bars or craft beer.


Since the start in 2018, Moveat has been a leader in local food and drink experiences in Sweden, with operations in over 40 locations. The company has six employees with offices in Stockholm, and every month a dozen Moveats are carried out in the country. Moveat is constantly developing new experiences with different themes within food and drink.


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