New restaurant concept will give people the taste of their own city


(Oslo 6 / 4-2022) Stromma Norway is now launching Moveat in Norway with the first event in Oslo 30 / 4.2022, and then in Trondheim and Bergen within a few weeks. Moveat is a service that allows users to visit 6-8 restaurants during an afternoon, where a small tasting dish is served at each location. 

The service has been a great success in Sweden in recent years, and now it is also coming to Norway. In a few hours, we will be an app led from restaurant to restaurant until you are finally both full and hopefully have experienced new restaurants and the city in a new way.

- We are very proud to launch this service in Norway. This is something that has been lacking in the market, and it provides a unique opportunity for both new and established places to reach new audiences, while providing great value for users: They get interesting taste experiences and great insight into different sides of the city, says general manager Ole Madland in Stromma in Norway.

Since the start in Sweden four years ago, MovEat has provided experiences to over 40,000 people, and now Norwegians also have the opportunity to use Saturdays in this way. Already at the first event, several hundred participants are expected to experience what unique restaurants, cafes, wine bars and delicatessens can offer.

Stromma's operations in Norway have so far been focused on experiences for tourists and visitors, but the company is now also launching this service which is aimed more at the city's own population, although of course it is also interesting for those coming to the city for the first time.

- We have used Corona time to develop some new projects for the Norwegian market, and we really believe in MovEat. The plan is that already during 2022 we will be present all over the country with various offers, and we believe this can be at least as great a success in Norway as in Sweden, says Ole Madland.

The restaurants that will be visited in a few hours by several hundred curious visitors. The experience is that many of the guests discover new places that they want to visit again, and they become better acquainted with areas of the city that they may not have known so. good from before.


Stromma is the largest provider of experiences in Northern Europe. The company operates in 19 destinations in Norway, Sweden. Denmark, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. The company delivers customer experiences, activities and entertainment within trips and activities and meetings. Our mission is to deliver memories for the lives of our customers. The company has roots dating back to 18xx, and today operates boats and buses, among other things. Stromma will be Northern Europe's leading sustainable player in its industry.


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