For food actors

Contribute to the good mood, and our guests will be theirs

We are nothing without you. As local food and beverage players, you help us create experiences where you are. Together we make sure that more people find tasty local gold grains all over the country. In return, we offer guests at times when you are otherwise calm, as well as marketing and the opportunity for additional sales.

Join the next Moveat

We are always looking for more people who want to join in and fill our Moveats with tastings of local food experiences. You can have a restaurant, a cafe, a wine bar or maybe a deli. The important thing is that you share our commitment to good ingredients, food made with care, and good hospitality.

moveat aktör

Why should you join?

Get new guests


of guests may consider making a return visit to participating restaurants.


of guests may consider making a return visit to participating restaurants.

Be visible to more people

Free marketing

Moveat is a chance to get hundreds of guests in no time. Guests who are interested in food and who are happy to tip others.

Sell more

Good conditions for additional sales

The Moveat ticket includes a small portion of flavor. Drinks and other additional sales are solely their profit.

Fill in the gaps

Hundreds of guests in the spaces

Moveat is a day experience, usually a Saturday afternoon. This means that guests visit you at times now many restaurants are a little quieter.

It costs nothing

Coverage of raw material costs

It costs nothing for a food actor to join Moveat. You create a portion of taste that is unique to your particular restaurant, and receive a fixed amount that covers the raw material cost.

Strengthen Food Norway

Bigger together

Together with committed food actors, we help more people to discover good local food experiences.

moveat aktörer

«Moveat is a fantastic way for us as a restaurant to get many guests in a short time, and get the chance to show what we have to offer. We love the concept and are proud to be a part of it! ”

- Mikaela Hansson, Farang, Stockholm

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