About Moveat

Good atmosphere in many portions

It's really quite simple. Good company, something to do together and tasty food that keeps the mood high. This is our basic recipe for a good mood. Adapted in different ways, guided by our app and with hosts who make it easy.

Our own food journey

Moveat has existed since 2018, but our story starts before that. Our story is connected by three main ingredients that sit hand in glove: The good food, the curious people and the meetings that have taken us further.



At a rooftop bar in New York in 2014, two friends and former colleagues met during the food festival North - a meeting that was to have a decisive impact on Moveat's future. That was when Charlotte Ranert and Simen Håkansson decided to work together again. With coinciding ambitions, experiences from tourism and a passion for sustainable food and new meetings, it naturally became a reality.


Two years after the meeting in Manhattan, Charlotte launched a food walk in southern Sweden - Madamilen. At that time an analog event, with printed maps and scrap cards that gathered companies and guided them to tastings and meetings with local innkeepers. It was a good start and Madamilen was implemented in several places, but when Simen Håkansson joined the business, something took new shape.

Madamilen became Moveat. The basic idea of connecting curious people and local food heroes was unchanged, but now a digital platform and an app were launched that provided completely new possibilities.



With the digital solution, it became easier to scale up the project, take it to more places and continue to develop the offer to both participants and local food players. In a short time, Moveat grew from local food migration to spread throughout Sweden.



In March 2020, an entire world was turned upside down. The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down not least the tourism industry and Moveat. It could have been the beginning of the end, but instead became the beginning of something even greater. Moveat decided to bet. Not least to be able to support the country's food heroes, who helped create the Moveat experiences.

In the same year, development work began, and new concepts adapted to the changed reality emerged. In April 2022, we were at a new milestone when Moveat launched the concept in Norway. A first step into the world, a new step towards being able to offer good local taste experiences wherever you are.

A better world, united by local food experiences

Our vision

We believe in the power of food to unite by silencing differences and bringing people together. We believe major changes are beginning locally. We think the small taste test can contribute to something bigger. And we believe that the understanding and agreement it contributes to is crucial to creating a world that is better equipped for today's and tomorrow's major challenges. Through positive local food experiences and discoveries, we expand our own and others' worlds.

Local commitment to global goals

We want to reduce our climate footprint and be a positive force in achieving the UN's global sustainability goals. As part of both the food and event industry, we have several ways to influence, based on the local. Both through our own business, and by making demands on partners, provide support for environmentally friendly choices and inspire a more sustainable food consumption. These are some of the things we do.

Better disposable products

We encourage all our players to use glass and porcelain in the first instance. When needed, we can offer everyone a great deal on more sustainable disposable items.

Always vegan options

Plant-based food is sustainable and climate-smart. Therefore, all tasting stops under Moveat Original offer vegan options.

In season

By eating raw materials that are in season and grown close to us, we get good tastes at the same time as we reduce the climate footprint. Therefore, we encourage all participating players to offer raw materials in season.

Zero food waste

The worst food for the environment is the one that is thrown away. That is why we and our partners work for zero food waste. Above all, by planning and preparing thoroughly before each Moveat.

Movement for well-being

Good food must also be able to contribute to good health. That is why we connect food and movement. During a Moveat you walk about 5-8 kilometers.